We service to our clients for all trademark prosecution transactions (applications, oppositions, assignments, appeals.. etc) before Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TURKPATENT) and all kinds of trademark cases before Turkish IP courts. Trademark portfolio management and providing consultancy regarding trademark strategy are other services.

As well as trademark cases before Turkish PTO on behalf of foreign and national clients, we file for international applications through World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). By courtesy of our colleagues in other IP firms, we can provide trademark services to our national clients in all over the world. We you can do by reaching to us;

·       Trademark applications before TURKPATENT and international trademark applications through WIPO,

·       Trademark oppositions, appeals and oppositions to the provisional refusal decisions of TURKPATENT, negotiating with the adversary party for obtaining letter of consent, if it is necessary,

·       Trademark renewals,

·       Assignments of trademarks including pursuing the process before notary public,

·       Preparing license agreements and recordal of license,

·       Trademark non-use cases before IP courts (Non-use cases will be handled by TURKPATENT after 2024)

·       Trademark infringement cases including obtaining preliminary injunction decisions before civil courts,

·       Trademark infringement criminal cases before criminal courts including seizures,

·       Trademark invalidations cases before IP courts,

·       Cancelation cases of PTO (TURKPATENT) decisions,

·       Trademark searches,

·       Trademark watching service,·       Trademark portfolio management.